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From Mark: I'm not allowed to sell this online but it is available in the store for $8.50/lb. Read all about the great Papparedelle pasta's online at - buying through us ends up being less expensive than ordering directly from them since we are only adding 50 cents per pound - less than you would pay for shipping! Great Pasta's, Great People! I'll keep adding flavors - if you have a specific one you would like to see us stock let me know and I'll bring it in!
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Sapori Antichi Tagliolini - Eggs

Sapori Taglioline Egg are premium egg noodles. A flat pasta
which has a delicate texture allowing it to absorb sauces quickly when compared
to other noodles. They especially enjoy a simple butter and shaved truffle
treatment but also handle light sauces with equal ease. They cook very quickly
making them ideal for preparation when limited time is available!

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Sapori Antichi Reginelle

Reginelle Pasta are very long swirling strands of pasta that look like colorful ribbons. It is like a celebration in a dish! The multi-colors are derived from natural sources, which add excellent flavor as well as color. The five basic colors are produced using tomatoes, beets, spinach, turmeric, and squid ink (nero di sepia).

Marco Zanier founded Sapori Antichi in 1996 in the town of Socchieve in the Carnic Alps, not far from the Adriatic Sea. This location has blessed his establishment with its three main ingredients of air, water, and sun. Only select durum wheat semolina is used. Sapori Antichi maintains a small-scale production to allow everything to be done by hand and quality controlled.

Each package of Reginelle Pasta by Sapori Antichi contains 8.8 ounces or 250g.

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Sapori Antichi Truffle Risotto

Sapori Antichi Truffle Risotto combines Vialone Nano Rice with rich hint of truffles. Whether served before the main course or as an accompaniment to a meal, it is exquisite!

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