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WBW Gourmet Aberquina
Our Price: $9.45

A very fruity oil with notes of tropical fruits, apple and fresh artichoke.
WBW Jalapeno Oil
Our Price: $11.15

This innovative combination of fresh Jalapeños and Mission Olives is a break from any conventional olive oil. We enjoy using this olive oil to fry our eggs in the morning.

"This won't really burn your tongue like a Jalapeño might.. but you'll get a kick, and the flavor of the pepper comes through in the most amazing way. One of my favorite things to cook with this oil is Jalapeño Asparagus" - Jonathan Sciabica - maker of this olive oil.
WBW Rosemary Olive Oil
Our Price: $11.50

just a real nice oil with a million uses - a chocolate/rosemary cake comes to mind!
WBW Garlic Olive Oil
Our Price: $12.00

From Calfornia's Central Valley - this Garlic infused cold pressed, unrefined olive oil is limitless with possibilities. Of course buying a little Italian Hard Bread, breaking off a piece and dipping is perfect - maybe while sipping on a nice glass of Bigi's Vipra Rossa!
WBW Basil Olive Oil
Our Price: $12.00

This extraordinary olive oil was produced from crushing fresh Mission Variety olives with real Basil. This method produces a basil olive oil of unmatched flavor intensity. Unlike infused olive oils this natural, cold-pressed combination of two of nature's most delightful flavors brings you to an olive oil which is a real joy to experience. Terrific tossed with pasta for instant pesto flavor; salads with balsamic vinegar; sandwich spread; bread dipping.
Raspberry Basil Vinegar
Our Price: $12.00

Chaparral Gardens Raspberry Basil Vinegar starts with hand picked raspberries and fresh basil grown on their organic farm. Always great on a salad,especially a Caprese. Use as a marinade on chicken or a slow reduction over Brie cheese. Raspberry Basil has become one of our Best sellers! Enjoy. Keep refrigerated

8.5 ounce container - includes the container
WBW Blackberry Roasted Pepper
Our Price: $12.00

All of these vinegars are handcrafted in small batches with handpicked berries that infuse the vinegar. Made with vinegar, raspberry, organic basil and sugar
WBW 25 Year Aged Balsamic
Our Price: $26.50

For those on a quest for the best, a truly great balsamic vinegar may be considered the holy grail; enlightening, transformative, heavenly. This rare and special vinegar comes from one of Modena’s most venerated producers and is among the world’s very finest.
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