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Lavender & Espresso Rubbed Cheese
just a fun after dinner cheese - with a glass of Port would be my choice!

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Gorgonzola Dolce
fun story - great creamy aromatic cheese - price is per ounce

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Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Brie
triple cream brie - enough said really!

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Haystack Chile Jack
for the ultimate cheese burger! and other stuff ... greeeeat stuff!

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Vindija Caprodur
had samples of this out last week - 100% purchase rate - that's all I have to say about that

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Pecorino Ginepro - 4 oz.
Each wheel of Pecorino Ginepro is soaked in an aromatic bath of balsamic vinegar and juniper before it is aged for a minimum of four months. The dark brown rind is created by the vinegar, though the lingering finish is kissed with gin-juniper rather than acerbic acid. Wrapped in paper, which contains moisture, the cheese is always moldy, and benefits from a few hours' breathing. An unusual and arresting cheese, made of raw sheep milk.

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Taleggio Soft Mountain Cheese
a cheese that's been made since the 10th Century just can't be bad!

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Campo de Montalban - 8 oz.
a great 3 milk cheese from La Mancha Spain

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Barely Buzzed Apple, Walnut Smoked Cheese
Smoked Apple & Walnut Cheese
kind just sounds appetizing don't ya think? ordered it today - will be here Thursday - comes in a 5 lb wheel - haven't had it yet but would bet my bottom dollar (which, by the way is in sight) that it is going to pair really, really well with this Spanish wine - here's the spiel on it:

This cheese is cold-smoked in small batches using local Utah walnut shells and slices of red apple. Apple Walnut Smoked has a subtle sweet and nutty flavor with a hint of smoke.


  • 3rd Place at the 2009 World Cheese Awards
  • 3rd Place at the 2008 American Cheese Society competition

Quality Ingredients
Apple Walnut Smoked is made from the milk of Jersey cows from Ogden’s Wadeland South Dairy. Wadeland’s Jersey cows enjoy 350 acres near the salty marshes, ponds and mudflats of the mineral-loaded soil of the Great Salt Lake.

Pairing Suggestions

  • Dark ale, bourbon or a medium-bodied red wine
  • Salami, a chicken avocado sandwich, or anything with bacon

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Ewephoria Premium Gouda from Holland
imported Gouda from Holland - nutty and smooth and rich and - well you get the picture!

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