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order wine by wednesday for fun on friday!

it all started in the shower - at the Neihart cabin - I was thinking to myself ... why not and what if?

so, I called the State of MT and got the wine license process started

then I built our store and then we outgrew that one and we bought a new building that's really, really cool

then I found cool pasta, and olive oils and vinegars and other grocery items since I have to be a grocery store to have a liquor license in Montana

then, I talked to a bunch of wine distributors and said - if I send you an e-mail each week by Wednesday at 5 - when can I tell my customers they can pick up the wine they've ordered - answer was Friday

so, then I decided to call it Wines by Wednesday for Fun on Friday and now you all can get great, unique, inexpensive wines right here in the Cool Falls

and, you can e-mail me if you have a wine you like and isn't on this site and I will find it for you

or if you want an expensive wine I might even be able to find one or two of those as well

and, I can quit thinking so much in the shower in Neihart once again - mission accomplished!

Mark Tronson
Wine Cellar
214 5th Street So.
Great Falls, MT 59405
Cell #: 406-590-3456
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